2013 Golf Cart Parade

DFA Coach Leslie & Mom

Left to right:

1st, Costa Nichols
2nd, Alec Steele
3rd, Leslie Taft
3rd Arturo Perez-Hunt
DFA saber fencers at College of the Desert




















Desert Fencing Academy
Saber Team 2014-2015 season

Costa Nichols, Sabrina Fletcher, Nick Richardson, Cory Hutchinson, Alec Steele,
Leslie Taft, Maddie Wales, Emily Goldstone, Scott Gillespie, Arturo Perez-Hunt







Summer 2014
DFA Epee Fencers

Top row L-R:  R2, Khanyon Garey, Alex Okamoto, Danny King.

Bottom row L-R:  William McCloud, Leslie Taft, Glenn King, Tony Barton




May 16, 2015
29 Palms Marine Base

Marine Zachary Lockery with DFA coach Leslie








29 Palms Marine Base, left to right:
Matthew Mizell, R2, Ronan Joyce, Lucas Kiphart






May 16, 2015 COD tournament
Saber fencers
(left to right)
Alec Steele, Matthew Mizell, R2





May 16, 2015 COD tournament, left to right
DFA Women’s epee team
Ariana Dorticos, Leslie Taft, Lynette Lim







May 16, 2015 COD tournament

Arturo Perez-Hunt, (known as R2)
in saber gear








May 16, 2015 COD tournament

DFA foil fencer Mark Johnson receives 3rd place medal and hug from DFA coach Leslie.





May 16, 2015 COD tournament

Sam Signorelli, our favorite armorer!

(Sam is the owner of H.O.M Fencing)





All Epee fencers in the Division (left to right):  Gabriel Lira and Ruben Quiroz, Arrowhead, Felicia Beardsley, Swashbucklers, DFA fencers Glenn King, Khanyon Garey, R2, Scott Gillespie, Lynette Lim, Ariana Dorticos and Coach Leslie Taft.

All saber fencers in the Division (left to right) back row:
From Hemet High School, Amanda Gutierrez, Coach David Powell, Samuel Weinger, from DFA, Matthew Mizell, Nick Richardson, Costa Nichols, Alec Steele, Scott Gillespie, R2, Ruben Quiroz, Arrowhead, Victor Bianchini, Golden Saber and Ken Calderone, Swashbucklers.
Front row:  Sabrina Fletcher, VFC, Maddie Wales, DFA and Coach Leslie, and Sam Signorelli

All Foil fencers in the Division (left to right): Mark Johnson, DFA, Hemet Coach David Powell, Blair Mauve, Hemet High School, and from Swashbucklers, Carl Nicholson, Robert Gallegos and Steve Ivanovics.

Leslie, Ariana Dorticos, William McCloud


February 2016
Junior Olympics
Cleveland Ohio






Leslie & William in-between bouts

Leslie & Ariana before competition begins