Saturday, May 12, 2018, End-of-Season Tournament at College of the Desert, In Photos

Epee (l-r): 1st place, George Fuller (UCSBFC), 2nd place, Ashton Arrington (Desert Fencing Academy), 3rd place, Matthew Lee (Beverly Hills Fencing Center), 3rd place , Ryan Lee (Swords). George earned his A18 in epee and Ashton and Matthew earned their B18 rating in epee!















Men's Saber (l-r) 1st place, Nick Richardson (Desert Fencing Academy), 2nd place, Samuel Weinger, 3rd place, Sam Signorelli, (Swordplay), 3rd place, Gabriel Lira (Arrowhead). Nick earned his D18 rating and both Samuel and Sam earned their E18 rating in saber!












DFA 2017-2018 Men's Foil Team: (l-r): Ronan Joyce, Paul Zappia, Dennis Stephen, Mark Johnson











DFA 2017-2018 Saber Team (l-r): Dennis Stephen, Josiah Llapitan, Alec Gibson, Gabriel Rivkin, Maddie Wales, Ian Maskiewicz, Dominic Whittaker, Nick Richardson











Costa Nichols, men's saber, 2018










Maddie Wales, 2nd place Women's Saber, 2018













Mark Johnson, Men's Foil, San Bernardino Division Champion 2018











Ariana Dorticos, Women's Foil and Epee, San Bernardino Division Champion, 2018











William McCloud, Men's Epee, San Bernardino Division Champion, 2018













Leslie Taft, Women's Saber, San Bernardino Division Champion, 2018













San Bernardino Division 3-Weapon Champions, Leslie Taft and Dennis Stephen












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