Saturday, December 9 Tournament at College of the Desert

Hi to All,

Saturday’s December 9th, 2017 tournament at COD was simply stellar!!!  We ran two tournaments in one day, the 3-Weapon Open followed by the “D” and Under mixed foil, saber and epee events.  Almost everyone in the Open continued on to compete in the “D” and Under events.

And it was a stellar day for DFA!

In the Mixed Saber event, seven fencers, five of which were DFA fencers:  Simeon Miller, Ian Maskiewicz, Gabriel Rivkin,Dominic Whittaker and Leslie Taft.  Finishing in first place and earning her E2107, Leslie Taft, 2nd place Simeon Miller, tied for third place, Ian Maskiewicz and Gabriel Rivkin and fifth place, Dominic Whittaker.

In the Div 3 Saber event, taking first place and earning is E2017, Simeon Miller, 2nd, place Ian Maskiewicz, third place, Dominic Whittaker and fifth place, Gabriel Rivkin.

In the Mixed Foil event, making his fencing debut, Paul Zappia, taking 7th place and Ronan Joyce, taking 8th place.
In the Div 3 Foil event, Paul took 5th and Ronan took 7th place.

In the Div 3,Epee event, Kamin Morrelli took 2nd, Ashton Arrington 3rd, Ariana Dorticos 6th, William McCloud 7th and Michael Mansour 9th.

2017 DFA Saber Team (l-r) Dominic Whittaker, Ian Maskiewicz, Simeon Miller, Leslie Taft, Gabriel Rivkin










Mixed Saber (l-r): 1st, Leslie Taft, 2nd, Simeon Miller, 3rd, Gabriel Rivkin, 3rd, Ian Maskiewicz










DFA Foil fencers (l-r): Ronan Joyce and Paul Zappia, making his foil fencing debut











Div 3 Epee (l-r): 3rd, Qingtao Meng, UCR, 3rd, Ashton Arrington, DFA, 2nd, Kamin Morrelli, DFA, 1st, Aaron Liang, Swords & earning his E2017 rating.

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