2017-2018 Fencing Season

Hi to All,

Our 2017-2018 fencing season has now started and our first tournament of the season was held at College of the Desert on Saturday, September 16, 2017.

We had a total of 67 fencers!  We thank Laura Holmgren, the fencing coach at Poly Technic High School, who brought 22 of her foil fencers to the tournament, which gave us a total of 39 foil fencers competing!

We had four DFA fencers making their maiden voyage in competitive fencing, Dominic Whittaker and Ian Maskiewicz in saber, Ronan Joyce in foil and Kamin Morrelli in epee.

Kamin Morrelli, epee










L-R: Dominic Whittaker & Ian Maskiewicz, saber fencers










L-R: Ronan Joyce & Dennis Stephen

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