DFA July 2017 News

Hi to All…Happy 4th of July…Happy Independence Day!!!


DFA will be closed July 3-10 and re-open for lessons on Tuesday, July 11.

For that week, we’ll be in Salt Lake City for the Summer National Fencing Championships.

DFA fencers competing at Summer Nationals include:  Costa Nichols, Tony Barton, Dennis Stephen, Ariana Dorticos, Maddie Wales, William McCloud and R2.

We have DFA tee shirts at the club.  Small, medium and x-large, various colors, $10.
Also have a selection of fencing gloves, right hand, 8′s, 9′s and 10′s, $20.


A reminder to all our DFA competitive fencers…USFA membership for the 2016-2017 competition year ends on July 31, 2017.  Our new 2017-2018 year begins on August 1.

The USFA wants all fencers to do their membership online…create a profile, user name, password, fill out the membership form and pay for their membership online.

Last season, the USFA waived the $10 paper fee.  Not so for this fencing season.

So, whenever you decide to renew your membership, today or a few days before the tournament you are going to attend, please do so online.

And please, do not fill out a membership form the day before or day of a tournament.  It may not process and then you’ll have to fill out a paper form and pay an additional $10.

One more “please remember to do this”…put your name, somewhere, on all your gear.  The May fencing tournament at COD, 7 body cords and one electric foil were left behind.  I sent out an email via AskFred to all the participants of the tournament listing the items and giving a description of each body cord and the electric foil, only one fencer responded.  If equipment is left behind, we might be able to return it to the fencer before they leave the venue if their name is on it.

September 16,2017, 3-weapon open at College of the Desert
Close of check-in times:
9:00 a.m., Mixed Saber    10:00 a.m., Mixed Foil    12 noon, Mixed Epee
You may now pre-register on AskFred.net

October 7, 2017, Qualifier for Junior Olympics at Hemet High School
Schedule is posted on AskFred.net.  You may pre-register now.

Our Division dates for September, October, April and May are posted on AskFred.

We are waiting on UCR to confirm November, December, February and March dates.

Happy 4th of July to every.  Have a fun and safe Independence Day and, as always,

Blissful fencing

the fencing coach

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