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Hi to All,

DFA will be closed on Saturday, April 1, (no fooling!).  I will be at UCR attending a Referee Clinic that day, and then, there will be a fencing tournament on Sunday, April 2.

I urge my competitive DFA fencers to consider signing up for and attending the Referee Clinic and/or also fencing on Sunday.

At the Sunday tournament, those who attended the Saturday Referee Clinic, will be observed and get their Referee rating.  Our San Bernardino Division truly needs some of its fencers to take a Referee Clinic and earn their Referee rating and this is a perfect opportunity in that the Clinic, and then a tournament, are back-to-back, so you don’t have to search for and arrange to be observed at an RJCC or ROC, but can get it all done in one day, and at a tournament that is more geared for the new Referee to be able to referee and be observed and earn some level of Referee rating.

All the information is posted on AskFred.net.  You can pre-register and pay at the door.

Our next fencing tournament is April 8, 2017, the Haake und Slasche, Victor Valley High School.
Please pre-register on AskFred.net

Close of check-in:
9:00 a.m. Men’s Foil             11:00 a.m.  Women’s Epee     12 noon  Men’s Epee
2:00 p.m.  Women’s Foil     4:00 p.m.  Mixed Saber

DFA will be closed on Friday, April 14.
DFA will be open on Saturday, April 15.

Our End-of-Season Awards Fencing Tournament will be Saturday, May 13, at College of the Desert.

Close of check-in:
9:00 a.m.  Mixed Saber    10:00 a.m.  Mixed Foil    11:00 a.m. Women’s Epee    12 noon Mixed Epee
Please pre-register on AskFred.net.

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