Czech Olympic Pentathlon Team Visits DFA

The Czech Olympic Pentathlon Team was in the desert February 10-18, to ride with U.S. Olympic Equestrian Coach, Michael Cintas at Cintas’ ECI, Equestrian Center International training facility.

While they were here, they came to DFA to take their fencing lessons from their fencing coach and spar with the DFA epee team.

We had Jan Kuf, who was 36th at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in Men’s Pentathlon, Ondrej Polivka, who was 15th at the 2012 London Olympic Games  and Natalie Dianova who was 22nd at the 2012 Olympic Games in Women’s Pentathlon.  And newest member of the Czech pentathlon team is 20 year old Martin Vlach.

They were a lot of fun, spoke English and were quite a delight to fence.

l-r: Martin Vlach, Ondrej Polivka, Jan Kuf, Natalie Dianova, Coach










l-r: Ondrej Polivka, Martin Vlach, Coach, William McCloud, A.J. Batten, Leslie Taft, Ariana Dorticos, Dennis Stephen, Jan Kuf, Natalie Dianova













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