January 14, 2017 Tournament at Hemet High School

We kicked off a new year of fencing with a 3-weapon open tournament hosted by Hemet High School.
We had 27 fencers for foil!  Laura Holmgren, the fencing coach at Pasadena Polytechnic High School, brought 17 of her foil fencers!
Our very own Ariana Dorticos competed in foil and took 11th place.  Pretty darn good fencing, and all the more amazing when you consider she had her appendix removed the end of November!

In saber, R2 took 2nd place and in epee, R2 came in 6th and earned his D2017 rating.

Our next tournament will be February 11, at Hemet High School, our Division Qualifier for Summer National Championships.

Saber (l-r) 3rd place, Gary Zeiss, Beverly Hills Fencing Center, 2nd place, R2, DFA, 1st place, and earning his E17 rating, Reynaldo Navarro, South Coast Fencing Center

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