Hi to all…Happy March, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


March 24, 2012, Division Qualifier at Hemet High School for Summer Nationals.  Schedule will be posted to AskFred.net.  Please pre-register.

April 28, 2012, Haake und Slasche at Victor Valley High School.  Schedule will be posted on AskFred.net.  Please pre-register.


The History Channel is starting a new series called “10 Things You Don’t Know About” on their H2 channel.  On April 30, a program will air on General George S. Patton, who competed in the 1912 Olympics in the Pentathlon event.  Watch the segment on fencing, you may know the two fencers, even though masked, it’s Max Barber and me!


Our Division Qualifier for Summer Nationals will be held at Hemet High School on Saturday, March 24, 2012.  Summer Nationals will be held in Anaheim this year!  More information can be found at www.usfencing.org.  I suggest that if your fencer would be interested in competing in a national championship, here’s the chance in our own backyard!  Come to the qualifier at Hemet, qualify and then head to Nationals!  It is such a wonderful experience and so rarely held in an area close to us.  Summer Nationals will be June 29-July 8, 2012, at the Anaheim Convention Center.


Well, our 2012 Junior Olympians are back home from Salt Lake City.  Claudia Bueermann and Emily Goldstone both competed in Cadet Women’s Saber.  Alec Steele competed in Cadet Men’s Saber.  Alex Okamoto competed in Cadet Men’s Epee.  Alex won his very first bout, made the 80% cut and had his first direct elimination (D.E.) bout!  When you’re at the club and see our Junior Olympians, congratulate them on a fencing job well done!

Have a wonderful March and blissful fencing.

Leslie Taft

The Fencing Coach

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