DFA September 2010 News

Hi to everyone and happy September!

Today is August 22 and I am finishing up my last day at the Fencers Club summer training camp in the Berkshires, Sheffield, Massachussets.  I can truly say that this has been a rigorous 10 day training camp.  Running, weightlifting, 30 minutes of footwork drills, sparring, drills, technique drills…did I mention all the running and footwork drills?!

Sixty-one campers in all:  28 epeeists, 24 foilists and 9 sabreurs with the top coaches from the New York Fencers Club. For us saber fencers, we had 2000 Olympian Akhi Spencer-El and the foilists had 2008 Olympian Erinn Smart.

The Berkshire School is a high school with a 2009 state of the art sports center complete with two ice rinks!  You walk everywhere up and down rolling hills and the beautiful lush and gree Berkshire foliage is just starting its Autumn turning.  And for a high school cafeteria, you’d think you were eating at a 4-star New York restaurant.  Their brochure was not kidding when it said three square meals a day would be provided, plus a night-time snack after our evening workout.

Thanks to Akhi, I have some new footwork drills and attacks to show the saber fencers, plus lots of technique, tactics and strategy.

DFA re-opens on Wednesday, September 1, 2010.  For the present, unless I’ve been informed otherwise, everyone’s lesson day(s) and time(s) remain the same.  Once everyone is back to school and has their school schedule, we can go over fencing lesson schedules and any changes.

Please know that the DFA fencing schedule remains unchanged and the current 2010-2011 fencing schedule is on the DFA website.

Also, the fencing schedule for the 2010-2011 San Bernardino Division has been posted to AskFred.net.  The first tournament will be held at College of the Desert on Saturday, September 18.

College of the Desert fencing resumes on Tuesday, August 31, at 7:00 pm.

I have one reminder and one request:

The Reminder:  If you are unable to make your lesson, please either call me, 760-218-1343, or text me.  That greatly helps me plan out my teaching day.

The Request: For both my “new” fencers and my “established competitive fencers”, please try to arrive for your lesson 5-10 minutes early.  That way you can stretch, do advances and retreats and some lunges to be loose and warmed up and ready for your lesson.

I’m looking forward to re-opening the club and welcoming back all the fencers and parents on September 1.  I’m excited, revved up and geared up for the upcoming fencing season, plus I’ve missed you all.  We’ll have a fun and awesome fencing season.

Wishing you all blissful fencing,

Leslie Taft

The Fencing Coach

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